Amazon Seller Chapter
Recruiting your Virtual Assistant
Recruiting VAs
Writing The Perfect Job Spec
Conducting a Killer interview
Managing your Virtual Assistant
Managing Your VA
Working with your VA
Setting Up and Staying Out of Trouble!
Setting up the VA Toolbox
How To Pay Your VA and Stay Out of Trouble
Virtual Assistant Chapter
What is Arbitrage?
Online Arbitrage vs Retail Arbitrage
What Is Amazon FBA?
Deciphering the Jargon
What is BuyBotPro and why you need it
What is the buy box?
Finding good shops and staying out of trouble
Amazon vs eBay
Amazon Suspensions And What You Need To Know
Working with your boss
Know your deal criteria
Google Export and setting up a deal sheet
BBP licences
Impressing Your Boss
BBP screenshots and why you should love them
Setting up BBP
Downloading BuyBotPro
Using the VA Manager Toolbox
Essential Settings in BuyBotPro
Exporting deals to Google sheet
Personalizing your BuyBotPro
Deal Sourcing with BuyBotPro
Manual Sourcing Accelerator is your new best friend
Sourcing with Voucher codes
Sourcing/Purchasing Using Cash Back Sites
Checking out the competition!
Analysing Deals with BuyBotPro
BuyBotPro score and how it can change your life
Checking eligibility, hazmat and dangerous goods
Be sure to check the alerts
What is a Best Seller Rank in detail
How to read a BuyBotPro sales chart
What's a heatmap and why is it important?
Bar Charts and what they tell you
Estimated Sales and why they are so important
Suggested Purchase Quantity and why it can help you
How to analyse multi packs
MF vs FBA Shipping Options
Great tips for variations
Competition Analysis and what to look for
Storage fees - going up!
Profit Protector Pro
What is Profit Protector Pro?
Repricing with Profit Protector Pro
Awesome Profit Protector Pro Widgets
Finishing Up
Key tips to take away


We are excited to share this course with you which is designed to help you hire, manage and train your Virtual Assistants.

The course has two chapters, one for you as the Amazon seller which has been designed to share with you some great tips taken from 30 years of corporate experience in hiring and managing teams, and the other which is designed to train your Virtual Assistants on your behalf in all things Online Arbitrage and BuyBotPro.

We think it is magic, and we hope you do too!