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    There's nothing quite like BuyBotPro for Online Arbitragers... Here's why...

    Introducing BuyBotPro

    What IS BuyBotPro and what will it do for my customers?

    BuyBotPro helps analyze the deal FOR your customers, saving them time, money and helping them to sell more products, faster!

    If you have an ONLINE ARBITRAGE audience or an Amazon FBA seller audience, BuyBotPro should perform VERY well with your traffic!

    You see, there's nothing else quite like it... And unlike some software, it actually HELPS the customer... That much so, once they use it, they cannot live without it!

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    Affiliate Frequently Asked Questions

    • q-iconDo you pay 30% every month for the life of the customer or just one time?

      For the life of the customer. We believe the more money we can help you make, the more sales you will send. Looking after you as an affiliate is our top priority.

    • q-iconHow much do you pay per month?

      We pay 30% of the sale price. So if they take the monthly option you’ll get 30% for the life of the customer. If they pay for the yearly option, you’ll get 30% of their yearly subscriptions for life.

    • q-iconHow are the sales tracked?

      Using Refersion, a very robust and reliable piece of affiliate software that does a great job of tracking sales!

    • q-iconHow long are your cookies?

      100 year cookies (lifetime cookies), which means if somebody clicks now, then comes back and purchases 3 months or 6 months or 6 years of that cookie being placed and active on their machine, you still get the commission!

    • q-iconI'm not comfortable with a 'sales leak' I've noticed, will you plug it?

      Of course. We want you to get paid for EVERY referral you send, not just some of them. If you notice a way you might be losing commissions, let us know, and we’ll plug it! As professional affiliates and affiliate program owners since 2001 we know the importance of making sure you earn every penny you deserve!

    • q-iconI need help with promo, can you help me?

      As long as you have an audience, established traffic source or can prove you have experience being an affiliate we are happy to discuss ways of helping you earn more commissions. We can jump on webinars with you, give you banners, email swipe copy, do FB lives, demo the software to your audience, whatever you like, let us know, and if we can, we will!

    • q-iconIs there anything else cool you can tell me to help me make more money?

      Yep, we have something coming that is AMAZING! It’s going to take a little work to put into place but when you see it, it’ll blow you away! Watch this space!

    • q-iconDo you have a regular payment schedule?

      Yes! We pay out affiliate commissions at the end of each month for every conversion that is 30 days old at that point.  So for example, if you sent a conversion on say February 15th, that would be 30 days old when payments were calculated on March 31st and would be included in that affiliate payment run.

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