About Us

BuyBotPro came to life early in 2018 when we, as Amazon sellers, were frustrated that there was nothing on the market other than regular FBA calculators and nothing that could help us properly analyse an Online Arbitrage deal quickly and efficiently.

Matt Webley and Karen Hutson, the owners and founders of BuyBotPro have both sold on Amazon and that is why we think BuyBotPro is as good as it is - because it was built for Amazon sellers by Amazon sellers.

We aren’t just SAAS developers with all the gear and no idea! We’ve sold on Amazon, we know what’s needed, we understand what’s helpful.

The whole BuyBotPro team, Matt, Karen, Hollie, Ana, Emmanuel & Khris all take pride in our product and our customer service.

Want to chat to us? Have a feature you think would be great? Awesome! Get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!



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