The Story Of BuyBotPro

Go back a few years and the one thing that was almost impossible to do without hiring in help was analyzing an online arbitrage deal properly! There were analysis tools available but they were basic and required significant human input to make a good decision. In an attempt to scale his Online Arbitrage business, one of the co-founders Matt, hired Becky George to help him source and grow his Amazon business. Which led him to thinking...It's ok for him to be able to hire in help, but what about the smaller sellers? And the new sellers? And the busy sellers that have jobs and don't have tonnes of time to spend sourcing...What do they do?

He had a brainwave! Why not create a software tool that not only gives you the basic information and then requires you to analyze it... But then why not create some software that analyzes the deal for you, and tells you everything you need to know! So with that Matt & Karen teamed up to create BuyBotPro! But it almost wasn't called BuyBotPro... It was almost called 'BeckyBot' because as far as Matt was concerned, it was doing everything that Becky was doing to analyze a deal!

...But the difference between a human and BuyBotPro is that BBP doesn't need paying, training, managing, holidays, breaks or all the other hoops you might find yourself jumping through to employ a human these days! And unlike most humans, it never missed any details no matter how tired its eyes!

Every deal was analyzed perfectly, every time using advanced algorithms to help you save time, save money, and make more profit!

BuyBotPro tells you everything you need to know. Are you eligible to sell it? How fast does it sell? Is there any profit? How much did it sell for? How many sellers are selling it? Are Amazon on the listing? How much stock does your competition have? What are their prices? What is your break even? And so on…

Not only does BuyBotPro do everything Becky did it also has other amazing features… Including VA tracking tools, An advanced analysis suite with heat maps, One click export to your buy sheet, The exact reasons why a deal is good or bad. And all with an accompanying Retail Arbitrage app which contains all the power of BuyBotPro but in your pocket! So now, it's not just the big sellers that can afford to get the highest level deal analysis by outsourcing it or implying staff, but you can too! With just one click and a few seconds, BBP will tell you everything to make you confident in making your purchase.

Matthew Webley


Karen Hutson


Hollie Pebbles

Director of Operations

Becky George

Customer Support Manager

Ana May

Customer Support Supervisor

Kayleigh Marie

Executive Assistant & Project Coordinator

Emmanuel Smith

Customer Services Assistant

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Affiliate Recruitment & Customer Services Assistant

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Customer Services Assistant

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Customer Services Assistant

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Customer Services Assistant


Senior and Lead Developer


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