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  • 100 YEAR Cookies! - Lifetime Return Time!
  • Tracked By Refersion - Highly Accurate Tracking!
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  • Software Constantly Evolving & Being Updated - Happy Long-Term Customers
  • High Converting Sales Funnel - More Of Your Traffic Will Buy!
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  • We Will Work Directly With Affiliates With Audiences To Help Pre-Sell Or Demo BuyBotPro - Webinars, Interviews, Video Content, Launches - Benefit From Our Selling Experience!
  • Great Software That Becomes Essential To Your Customer - They Will THANK You For Sending Them To BuyBotPro!

Here's Some Of The Features Of BuyBotPro & Why Your People Will LOVE You For Recommending It!

BuyBotPro will quickly become a tool your customers cannot live without meaning HUGE recurring commissions for you for the life of your customer!


BuyBotPro Features:

  • AUTOMATED DEAL ANALYSIS & BUY DECISIONS: Makes your online arbitrage deal analysis so much faster and easier!
  • ROI & PROFIT CHECKER: Tells you exactly how much you'll make after fees, taxes and other costs!
  • BSR CHECKER: Tells you what percentage BSR your product is (Top 1%, 3%, 5% etc) - telling you how FAST it will likely sell!
  • COMPETITION ANALYZER: Analyzes your competition for you (FBA, AMZ & MF sellers!)
  • IP RADAR: Checks for likelihood of it causing an Intellectual Property violation on your Amazon account - avoid at ALL costs!
  • HAZMAT CHECKER: Automatically checks if the product is Hazmat!
  • ELIGIBILITY CHECKER: Tells you if YOU can sell the product on your account at a glance!
  • SUGGESTED PURCHASE QUANTITY: Tells you how many units to buy!
  • AMAZON FEES BREAKDOWN: Tells you exactly what your Amazon fees will be!
  • BUY SHEET AUTOMATION: It enters your purchased deals into your buy sheet FOR you, saving time and effort!
  • VAT CALCULATOR: Accounts for VAT not only on Amazon fees but on your buy and sell decisions! (flat rate, standard rate & non-vat registered!)
  • CUSTOM CRITERIA: Tell BuyBotPro what ROI, BSR & PROFIT you're looking for in a deal, totally customizable!
  • PROFIT MARGIN AUTO-CALCULATOR: You've known your ROI from every calculator out there, now we show you your overall margin after fees etc!
  • SALES ESTIMATOR: Now you can see at a glance how many sales there are of that product 30 day, 90 day and predicted 90 day!
  • BUYBOTPRO SCORE 'REASONS': Buy Bot Pro uses thousands of data points to analyze a deal for you in UNDER 7 seconds. But instead of just having a SCORE now you will know exactly WHY BuyBotPro came up with that score! Get ultimate CONFIDENCE in your buys!
  • COMPETITION ANALYSIS: See at a glance the Top 10 Sellers, their estimated stock levels and their price!
  • SALES HISTORY CHARTS: Awesome charts showing you FBA Price, New Price, Amazon Price and Sales Rank for 7 - 360 days (all with Average Information too!) and all opening in large windows for super easy at a glance information!
  • AUTO-UNGATING: Want to get ungated? BuyBotPro will apply for auto-ungatings for you and display the result in just SECONDS!
  • VARIATION FEATURE: At the click of a button see all variations for that product, their price, the number of sellers and all fully searchable!
  • VA TOOLBOX: Monitor your Virtual Assistants with time tracking, screenshots, deal database and graphs so you know exactly what is happening at all times!
  • MF and FBA FEES: Toggle between fees for selling FBA and Merchant Fulfilled!
  • SALES HEATMAP: Check sales velocity at a glance with a heatmap showing intense sales and slow periods!
  • AVERAGE GRAPHS: Bar Charts showing average information for FBA Price, Amazon Price, New Price and BSR
  • STOCK VS PRICE GRAPH: Check out the stock of the top 10 sellers in comparison to their price in graph and data format
  • BUY BOX SHARING ANALYSIS: Get an instant visual answer as to whether Amazon share the buy box!
  • MANUAL SOURCING TOOL: BuyBotPro is also an awesome Manual Sourcing Tool allowing you to easily search via a right click for matching products on Amazon straight from the Retailer/Wholesaler page. BuyBotPro can even analyse your deal from their page too saving you huge amounts of time!
  • And so much more...

There's nothing quite like BuyBotPro for Online Arbitragers... Here's why...

Introducing BuyBotPro

What IS BuyBotPro and what will it do for my customers?

BuyBotPro helps analyze the deal FOR your customers, saving them time, money and helping them to sell more products, faster!

If you have an ONLINE ARBITRAGE audience or an Amazon FBA seller audience, BuyBotPro should perform VERY well with your traffic!

You see, there's nothing else quite like it... And unlike some software, it actually HELPS the customer... That much so, once they use it, they cannot live without it!

BuyBotPro is an ESSENTIAL Online Arbitrage Tool!


Our monthly retention rates are HUGE and UNHEARD of in the industry!

Send a sale and get paid month after month, for the life of that customer!


"Absolutely amazing, great work. You've taken all your knowledge and devised software that we could all use which will make our lives and business's easier, thank you."

Wendy Cook


"It is an extremely good piece of software driven by real logic and great ideas. Well done guys, amazing work!"

Danny Collings


"Great stuff, massively exceeded expectations. Super impressed with the amount of data you can pull and make it SO user friendly."



"Google sheets export is awesome! I always forget to record things on my buy sheet!"

Ross Graham


"Love the amount of thought that has gone into this."



"Damn the amount of functionality is amazing!"

Waseem Rahman


"Great promising piece of software as a second pair of eyes!"



"Wow, awesome. What can't it do?"

Stephen Davies


"This could really propel a lot of sellers to the levels they are striving to get to, outstanding!"



"This is going to change OA forever, time back in our pockets. Love it!"



"This is without doubt a real game changer. The most extensive software for O/A on the planet."



"Takes me about 1.5 hours a day to analyse 70/80 leads everyday...With this, I am sure I could do it all in 15! Thank you!"

Jack Sparks


"Love all the bits of the puzzle that you have laced together for the whole process. Brilliant!"



"This is going to free up so much time for me... and time is money!"



"Wish I had this when I started out! Made over 30 bad buys of 10 units or more! Wish I'd had all the warnings in one place! Would have saved me loads of money."



"Im going to be the number one amazon seller in Denmark with this tool!"

Christoffer Roslyng


"Very clear tool, very clear results!"


Affiliate Frequently Asked Questions

For the life of the customer. We believe the more money we can help you make, the more sales you will send. Looking after you as an affiliate is our top priority.

We pay 30% of the sale price. So if they take the monthly option you’ll get 30% for the life of the customer. If they pay for the yearly option, you’ll get 30% of their yearly subscriptions for life.

Using Refersion, a very robust and reliable piece of affiliate software that does a great job of tracking sales!

100 year cookies (lifetime cookies), which means if somebody clicks now, then comes back and purchases 3 months or 6 months or 6 years of that cookie being placed and active on their machine, you still get the commission!

Of course. We want you to get paid for EVERY referral you send, not just some of them. If you notice a way you might be losing commissions, let us know, and we’ll plug it! As professional affiliates and affiliate program owners since 2001 we know the importance of making sure you earn every penny you deserve!

As long as you have an audience, established traffic source or can prove you have experience being an affiliate we are happy to discuss ways of helping you earn more commissions. We can jump on webinars with you, give you banners, email swipe copy, do FB lives, demo the software to your audience, whatever you like, let us know, and if we can, we will!

Yep, we have something coming that is AMAZING! It’s going to take a little work to put into place but when you see it, it’ll blow you away! Watch this space!

Yes! We pay out affiliate commissions at the end of each month for every conversion that is 30 days old at that point. So for example, if you sent a conversion on say February 15th, that would be 30 days old when payments were calculated on March 31st and would be included in that affiliate payment run.

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